Ongoing Improvement

Ongoing Improvement

Jilakin Downs studs are registered in South Africa as well as Australia.  We use the services of South African Inspectors to formally assess stock, however not all Type 4 and 5 sheep are retained in the Studs.

Sheep retained in the stud have the characteristics to breed sheep suitable for the needs of our clients, the prime lamb market and consumer demand for outstanding quality lamb.

Performance recording using LambPlan is completed for all weaned sheep.

The use of these two systems allows us to select the very elite animals that will genetically progress the breeding program at Jilakin Downs

We have noticed a real trend amongst commercial ram buyers to reduce their reliance on the formal Typing system.

We attribute this to our clients

  • greater understanding of Dorpers and how they perform,
  • an increase in the appreciation of the production benefits delivered by using ASBVs as a selection tool
  • selecting those rams that match “their ewes
  • breeding lambs for a range of markets
  • selecting sheep that suit the wide range of production systems used by our clients
  • AND Increased confidence in their own selection ability.