Genetic Background – White Dorpers

The White Dorper Stud

Established 2004

The White Dorper stud was established using full blood ewes with pedigrees from

  • Dries Weiss,
  • Tien Jordaan,
  • Leon Snyman,
  • Clinton Collett,
  • Stefan Mullan,
  • Pip Nieuwouldt,
  • Hennie Jacobs and other leading South African studs.

These ewes gave us a broad genetic base to start our selection process. Rams from selected Australian studs have been used to ensure we have a broad range of quality stock to select from.

We have used this range of foundation stock and applied commercial production pressure to remove the “hot house” sheep that are less commercially orientated.

Our focus is

  • the needs of the commercial prime lamb producer and
  • the desire to have consistently high quality lambs
    • across a range of seasons and conditions.

We have imported two new White Dorper genetic lines from the Gert Lotter and Tony Cahi studs in South Africa.

Jilakin Downs has Australia’s largest selection of the clean shedding, oustandingly maternal, fast growingCahi sheep in Australia. This bloodline has had a significant impact on the genetic composition of the Jilakin Downs White Dorper flock an its ongoing ability to perform.

The donors are all type 4 and type 5 ewes and type 5 rams that were all selected by South African Inspector Rodney Rayner. We also relied on Tony Cahi’s in flock evaluation system.