Our Stud

Our Family has a long history of Australian Farming and Livestock Production.

The Stud

Jilakin Downs Dorper and White Dorper Stud is part of a family owned 6,000 hectare farm in Western Australia. Located 3 hours easy drive from Perth, in the 350mm rainfall zone of the central south wheatbelt.

The changing weather pattern and market expectations has presented challenges that require a flexible production system. Dorper and White Dorper sheep meet this need. The change from Merino to Dorper, included trial work with Poll Dorset, Texel, Finn and Damara. The White Dorpers and Dorpers have delivered the best results for

  • Maintaining themselves on a range of grazing conditions
  • Consistently good conception rates
  • Ability to raise lambs
  • Produce lambs with excellent survivability
  • Produce high quality carcase suited to a range of markets
  • Reduce costs for feed and maintenance inputs

Ewes and Rams must be good shedders and have sound feet and leg structure

All Dorpers and White Dorper are performance tested using LambPlan.  We submit ALL animals, not just a select few.

The South African Typing system was used extensively during the establishment phase of Jilakin Downs and Rodney Rayner continues to provide ongoing advice.

We are seeing a reduced need for the formal typing system as Dorper producers become more capable of assessing sheep that suit their own needs and a greater willingness to select sheep that are fit for THEIR production purpose.

Jilakin Downs Dorpers are the true

Low Input Low Maintenance High Output Sheep