Animal Health

Brucellosis Accreditation

Jilakin Downs is Brucellosis accredited.  We test animals according to the accreditation protocol, as well as testing animals outside the protocol, to give additional monitoring to ensure the flock is free of Brucella Ovis.

Ovine Johnes Disease "OJD"

Jilakin Downs has been assessed as a Low Risk property.  This assessment included a reviewof the

  • on farm biosecurity
  • low level of livestock introductions
  • previous abbattoir 700 kill results showing no clinical signs of OJD
  • history of the flock
  • topography and climate
  • any AI or ET work being done on farm, rather than Jilakin Downs livestock having interaction with other sheep.

Recent Abbattior surveillance has also confirmed no clinical signs of OJD infection.

Sheep can be vaccinated with Gudair prior to leaving Jilakin Downs if required.

Ovine Dermatospraxis

We have undertaking a flock based testing program for Ovine Dermatosporaxis.