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Welcome to Jilakin Downs Dorpers and White Dorpers.  We have seen a terrific evolution of the breed over the last decade on our property.  We now have free moving, fast growing, clean shedding, well muscled rams that breed loads of Prime Lambs - at any time of year!

Farming is always changing and everyone has their own unique approach.  We need livestock  that are adaptable to different seasons, can be run as a livestock only business or as part of a mixed production farm.  And, we want to enjoy working with our livestock.

Droughts, floods, heat, frost...... we've all seen alot of it in the last few years. It has confirmed the need for resilient livestock for the farm to be more efficient, sustainable and still able to produce in less than optimal conditions.

Our sheep business was 100% Merino, but we wanted to increase productivity, keep a check on costs and have livestock that respond well to low stress stock handling and excellent animal welfare standards.

So, we tried Finn, Texel, Poll Dorset and Damara before settling on White Dorpers and Dorpers as the sheep best suited to our mixed farming enterprise.

We introduced Dorpers and have seen time and again, their special ability to

  • maintain themselves,
  • get pregnant, stay pregnant and rear a lamb
  • present an excellent prime lamb carcase suited to both domestic and export markets

in good and poor seasons.

We were so impressed with the breed that Jilakin Downs Dorper and White Dorper Stud was established.  The stud is firmly focussed on outstanding quality animals that perform year in - year out in a range of farming landscapes.

low input + low maintenance + highly productive sheep = Jilakin Downs Dorpers